Morrissey Central "THINGS" (March 23, 2020) review by Barry Egan - IANADOAC

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Will someone please bury journalism's corpse?

The random selection of Moz Crimes are: THE PIN, saying Sadiq Khan, with his estuary accent, can't talk properly is racist (even though Moz has slagged off Johnny Marr & Cilla Black for their accents & had his own slagged off & it's technically snobbery or reverse snobbery) & slagging off Diane Abbott, which is racist. No mention of him slagging off Theresa May IN THE SAME INTERVIEW.

Plus some weird jaunt through Moz's suicidal depression - as if that isn't a possible explanation for his random statements.

IANADOAC - HD audio (96kHz/24-bit) available at; closing Mar. 31, 2020

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JR writes:

1. Morrissey’s new album available in HD audio;
2. Not sure if this is likely to be the last as appears some changes at HDtracks.

HDtracks featured releases

The Sunday Times review by Mark Edwards - IANADOAC

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I Am Not a Dog on a Chain

Can you appreciate art made by an artist you disagree with? If not, stop reading, because Morrissey isn’t backing down or (the very thought!) apologising. Right from the opening track, Jim Jim Falls, he’s offending modern sensibilities: “If you’re going to kill yourself then to save face just kill yourself,” he sings, like a man who hasn’t had a day’s mental health training in his life. The problem is, it’s a good song. Indeed, it’s a good album. And so the Great Morrissey Dilemma continues. ME

Le Figaro review by Nicolas Ungemuth - IANADOAC

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In yesterday's week-end magazine of the French newspaper - it is much more about Morrissey, than the album, but eventually one understands that they like it:


A.V. club review by Josh Modell - IANADOAC (Grade: B-)

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Like it says. The reviewer really seemed upset about the suicide lines (people really seem to take it literally) and hates the secret of music (I’ll disagree) but it’s a good review. Maybe it’s morrisseys public image that makes people take the suicide lines so seriously but as say a mindless self indulgence fan who have so many songs that say kill you self I find it hard to be bothered by it

Swedish review by Niklas Lövgren - IANADOAC 8/10

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Very long, thorough review. Easily the most positive Swedish review. Most (all?) of the previous ones have been whiny, formulaic and shallow.

“His best album in a very, very long time.”

Standout songs are Jim, River, Hurling.

Score: 8/10.

London Evening Standard review by Jocham Embley - IANADOAC 2/5

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Mean wee review (he thinks it's a drag) - not really worth reading tbh, but here it is.

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