"Meet is Murder #isolateMorrissey" (March 25, 2020)

Links to The Poke article collating tweets using the hashtag #isolateMorrissey:

People are giving Morrissey song titles and lyrics a self-isolation twist – 13 favourites



LOL, I nearly started a thread on this yesterday.
I've "re-lyriced" Panic, Last Night I Dreamt, and obvious one Girfriend with Corona...although there's wasn't much scope, or need, to change the lyrics on the last two too much. I've also re-done LIOIWO (CIOIWO) for when we're clear of the corona thing.
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There's actually loads of Moz tracks you could just tweak the title slightly to get something amusing, but many titles you could just leave 'as-is'.

A few which sprang to mind:
  • November spawned a virus
  • The world is full of viral spores
  • Interesting Bug
  • That's How People Die Off
  • Bengali in Facemask
  • I Don't Mind If You Sneeze On Me
  • My Love, I'd Catch Anything for You
  • Virus is my middle name
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The boy with the paws sanitized.
I'd not done The Smiths, but a few here:
  • You Just Haven't Caught It Yet, Baby
  • That Bug Isn't Funny Anymore
  • Caronavirus Begins At Home
  • Stop Me If You Think You've Had This Bug Before
  • Never Had A Virus Ever
  • Isolate Wildly
  • Corona Changes Everything
  • Vicar In A Face Mask
  • There Is A Bug That Never Dies Out
Interesting Vaccine
Irish Blood, English Heart, Chinese Flu
On the Street's I Did My One Form of Daily Exercise
How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel Without Sufficient Testing Equipment?
Case At The University
1 Meat with coronavirus is murder
2 Boris you don't think they know?? (refering to coronavirus)
3 The global pandemic is none of you business
4 The queen fled the coronavirus.
Death of a disco dancer
This flu isn't funny anymore
Well I wonder when I will put off my mask
The more you igonre me the close I get (singing by the coronavirus)
I've done a few more:
  • Infected For The Last Time
  • He Knows I'd Love To Cure Him
  • We Hate It When Our Friends Become Infected
  • Please Help The Cause Against Coronaness
  • If You Don't Like Me, Don't Disinfect Me
  • Happy Lovers At Last Infected

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